Small Business Website Design

Website Design

A website is a must for any business and I build them for the future. Every website I develop is built with the user experience in mind. I want to make sure that when a potential customer/client lands on your site, they know who you are, what you do and how to contact you on every page.


Phase 1 – Analysis

I’ll be studying the websites purpose, goals, target market and competitors.

Phase 2 – Planning

I’ll be building the sitemap, setting up the website structure on paper and I’ll be preparing the programs, design and plugins for the websites development.

Phase 3 – Design

I’ll be designing the website on paper, put together my visualization for the layout and call to actions, making sure it’s user friendly.

Phase 4 – Content

I’ll have the written content put together for the site, optimized for the search engines and layout the pictures I’m using for the site. If a video was ordered, I’ll also be adding the video to the site..

Phase 5 – Development

Once I have the structure completed, I’ll begin setting up the backend more heavily, cleaning up the websites code and making the website mobile friendly (responsive).

Phase 6 – Testing

From here, I’ll have 6 computers next to me testing the websites compatibility on all devices. I’ll also be reviewing the website on different browsers to make sure it works across the board. Finally, I’ll make sure that the websites structure and call to actions fulfill the overall purpose of the site.

Phase 7 – Deployment

I’ll find any bugs on the site, setup tracking and prepare a maintenance plan for the site. Once this all done, I’ll launch the website to the public and submit it to the search engines to gain an initial boost of visibility.