Justin Lewis: Co-Founder & CEO of Business Optimizer

Justin Lewis

Co-Founder & CEO of Business Optimizer

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Hi, I’m completely self taught, starting my first website back in January 2010. Since then I’ve worked with tradesman, restaurants, mortgage companies and fortune 5000’s to help them acquire more business through the internet. My skills range from web development, search engine optimization, advertising and over the phone consulting. I am also the CEO and Co-Founder of Business Optimizer. Along with myself, I have a wonderful team I work with. You can read more about them over at Business Optimizer, here.

I recently attended MozCon Local 2017 in Seattle.

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Justin is certainly knowledgeable on web design and furthermore, how to generate leads for your business. He has worked with us in the past and has done a wonderful job!

Parchelle Hotten
Fresh Level Productions
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I met Justin at the right time and at the right place. Working with Justin and his team has been amazing. He is always there if you have a question or if you wanted to change something. He would ask questions to understand exactly what we wanted to do or see and he’d get it done in a timely manner.

Mandy Le
American Canyon Chamber of Commerce
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Justin is well versed in website design and SEO optimization. We have had constructive strategy sessions and found Justin listened to our concerns and learned about our business. The changes made have already help grow our online presence.

Chris Taylor
Eyonic Systems Inc
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Justin was very helpful with getting me started and set up with my first website. He was informative and understanding with helping me set up a domain with hosting and WordPress. Any website questions I’ve had, he’s been there to help find an answer.

Scott Kelley
Custom Vinyl
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I have been working with Justin on a project for our local networking group. He has had great ideas and built the website very quickly. I find Justin to be informative, easy to work with and passionate about helping his clients. Working with Justin will be an opportunity for your business to grow.

Kevin Gallagher
One Degree Media
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It has been great collaborating with Justin in order to increase my web presence for my Real Estate business. He’s been available to answer all my questions and has been very helpful. Justin is very knowledgeable in website design and search engine optimization. I would definitely recommend Justin Lewis to my friends and family for their website design needs.

Shai Prasad
REMax Realty
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Initially I met Justin at a local Starbucks here in the Bay Area. While working on designing my e-commerce site, Justin and his entire team were beyond helpful with sharing coding & SEO tips to increase not only our sites foot traffic but also conversion ratings. All and all the results were astonishing, we saw a huge increase in page impressions, and ADS (average dollar sale). Our leverage from last moth shows a positive increase, as well as our customers UPT ratings. Thank you Justin & team! You guys have been more than helpful!

Drake Alexander
Teach Inc. Clothing
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I’ve known Justin for several years after meeting him online and there’s a little more than a tiny gap between us. I’m situated in S.Wales, Uk in contrast to him based on the other side of the pond in the US, since meeting him, he opened up about who he is and what he did and granted me an opportunity to develop and manage certain audiences along side and under him including a singular audience of his growing at rates of 150+ people a week including a total of over 211,000 people and it’s because of this that he has given me amble access to pursue real world opportunities which have led me to the admin responsibilities of Facebook pages for the UKs largest Aquatic pets & Supplies company using what I’ve learned previously from Justin and his genuine help and advice on how best to target my audience and allow for a huge growth in both the company and it’s interaction with the people.

I also worked briefly with Justin on website design where I quickly understood how much a website layout and accessibility is important, right down to the colour scheme and even the font.

Justin in an expert and website SEO is one of the many talents he has, his clean and flawless work effort has always allowed for outstanding results for everyone involved – I’m finding it impossible to fit a bad word in for this man.

Owen Hood
OH Aquatics
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