I was addicted to video games

When I was young I would sometimes play video games as soon as I got home (let’s say 4 pm) until late that night (sometimes until 4 am).

Since then I’ve had my ups and downs. There are times when I would play games like Halo for 8 hours a day, other times where I’d play games like Minecraft for 30 minutes a day.

At one point I even traded my 2003 Hyundai Tiburon (worth about $4,000 for my nephews Xbox One (worth $300 at the time). It was a way to help my nephew with his first car and get him away from video games. But.. low and behold I had an Xbox One and I played the hell out of it.

I only started to notice that I had an addiction about 2 years ago.

So since then, I’ve owned a Nintendo Switches and 3 Xbox Ones. The first Xbox One I packed up and gave to a friend, the second I traded for a guitar, and the third I gave to my other nephew. The Nintendo Switch I traded to Gamestop. I did this to hamper my addiction. Suddenly I wouldn’t have a console and I’d be more focused on family and my work.

Recently, however, I bought another Xbox One. Yet this time I had a plan. I started playing a game called Fortnite and as soon as I noticed I had an addiction to the game I contacted the company that makes the game, Epic, and had them ban me permanently. They banned my gamertag, username, email, credit card, IP, and console.

Almost immediately after doing this, I felt relieved. I’m grateful that Epic responded to me so quickly and glad to say that it’s helped reduce my gaming dramatically.

Other games like Halo 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2, I only play for 15 to 30 minutes and I’m good to go. I’ve also made it so that I can only play games at 7 pm and no later than midnight.

I wanted to share this to help others that might be addicted to gaming, I’ve reached out to other companies in the past to request that my accounts are banned permanently and they’ve done so willingly every time. I don’t necessarily believe gaming is a complete waste of time, but I do believe the constant repetition games like Fortnite have is highly addictive.

Update: I found a loophole where I could sign in as a guest on my Xbox One, I played for a few days and then decided that I needed to ban myself entirely from console gaming. I gave away the Xbox shortly after and have since been much more productive.