Building Momentum Is Difficult

Over the years I’ve had a lot of amazing adventures, but the most fun comes after momentum has been built. It’s such a challenge to build momentum initially, especially since I’ve been away from blogging, fitness, and working for the last 8 months.

One technique that has helped me immensely over the last 2 years has been using a calendar that I mark off very simple tasks with a color coded X. On November 16th I started using it again and have been marking off each day I workout for more than 5 minutes with a blue X. I know that sounds simple and that’s because it is.

In order to build momentum I’ve found it’s best if I start focusing on tasks that take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes each day.

Here’s a few that I plan on building up in 2021.

  • Working out for 15 minutes
  • Reading 1 paragraph of a book
  • Learning a new language for 5 minutes
  • Practicing an instrument for 5 minute
  • Spending 5 minutes on idea generation
  • 15 minutes of doing something sweet for people I love

If I have something set at 15 minutes, that’s because it’s not as difficult for me. The things that I listed for 5 minutes are much more difficult for me to build consistency with. I know this because I look back over the years and see they’re things I wanted to achieve but I always made my goals too big (30 minutes for a new language, 1 hour music lessons each week, etc.). By making the objective extremely simple I have a much better chance of building momentum.

Here’s a way I love to look at it.

If I spent 1 hour a week learning an instrument, it’s very likely I’ll get overwhelmed. But spending 5 minutes each day is easily attainable and will result in me building massive consistency. In one year I’ll be much further.

My 5 minutes is up.

Let’s go.