I’m becoming a digital minimalist

I’ve been working hardcore to become a minimalist when it comes to my digital life. Here are 7 changes that have drastically decreased the chaos.

1. I don’t store files on any computers.

Instead, I use Google Drive (not the synced version, but the browser only version) and I only take video and photos on my phone of which uploads to Google Photos. And when I say no files, I mean literally I don’t have folders, programs (other than Google Chrome + Final Cut), and when I need a file I pull it from Google Photos/Drive and use it in the moment. Once I’m done I delete it again.

2. I no longer have emails in my inbox.

I’ve decided to archive all emails as I get them (like a checklist), if I’m subscribed to a newsletter I’ve opted to unsubscribe using unroll.me. Those that I don’t catch I unsubscribe to as I get them. Instead, I choose to visit the websites/blogs.

3. At max, I’ll subscribe to 3 YouTube channels.

I’ve already been like this, but I’m taking it to a more extreme concept of only subscribing to 3 channels at a time. This pushes me away from binge-watching and frees me from the chaos. To go even further, I use a feature inside of AdBlock to hide the coding for the homepage, trending tab, etc. this keeps me from watching random videos. If I need something, I search for it.

4. I use a password manager.

Because.. why remember every single password. I opt for using LastPass which requires 1 primary password and 2-factor authentication. It also encrypts those passwords.

5. I changed my phones home screen to show 0 apps.

The only apps I use are the ones in the bottom panel + the ones I pull out on the right of my Note 8. This helps me not load up YouTube, Facebook, and others app because they aren’t in my face.

6. I got rid of unnecessary notifications.

It’s not difficult to understand this. Apps, websites, etc. send us notifications constantly.. I was getting notified everytime someone liked my comment on Facebook, hearted my photo on Instagram, commented on my video on YouTube, and even ridiculous things like general weather reports, daily website traffic reports, etc.

Now I get notified when I get a message for work, phone call, and after those, only the most important updates.

7. I’m restricting myself from binging analytics.

This one doesn’t relate to everyone, but you probably get the idea if you have a YouTube channel. I have stocks, cryptocurrencies, investments, 50+ websites I manage, communities, channels, Facebook pages, etc. all of which I’ve chosen to stop focusing on staring at the analytics all day long. The only data I’ll look at is the data I need in the moment or when I need to do an actual analysis.

8. I keep my browser tabs to a minimum.

I’ve struggled with this for years. I used to have upwards of 50 tabs open at a time, jumping back and forth between them like a rabbit. Now I’ve chosen to only have the tabs open related to the tasks at hand. Anything else, I remind myself to exit out of regularly.

I hope that someone out there finds these tips helpful. They’re making my life easier to grasp and giving me a more solid foundation for a distraction-free digital experience. If you have a suggestion please share it in a comment below.