From 150 to 200,000 Followers

In May of 2011 I wanted to get into social media marketing, but I didn’t know where to start. So I decided to create a Facebook page for a game that I speculated would come out. The page grew from 0 to 250 people in about 2 weeks and then on June 6th the game I predicted would come out, was announced publicly. Within 2 weeks my page grew to over 60,000 fans and today has over 200,000 followers. That page is now called Halo Universe and I use it to help up and coming talent in the gaming industry.

Whom I’ve helped or sponsored with the page throughout the years:

Ready Up Live

Forge Labs

Stony Props

Beyond Entertainment

The Worlds Tallest Spartan

Nak3d Eli

Halo Mexico

And many more.