How My Mom Promoted Philanthropy Throughout My Life

When I was a young kid, I grew up primarily with a single mom. She spent many of her years struggling to get by, just barely paying bills, and sometimes not being able to at all.

She’s in a totally different world now but I often look back at my past to see why I’ve become the person I am.

You see, my mom always had this affinity of helping people… even when she was the one who needed help.

She’s not perfect, none of us are, but she really does have a good heart and anyone going against that doesn’t truly know her.

I’ve seen her help drug addicts, family members going through a crisis, help families in need, give money to people when she didn’t have it, and go completely broke because of it.

Today, I try my best to help her out when I can because of how much I’ve seen her help others throughout my life. She’s deserving of praise and all the good karma that will come her way.

I love you mom. I always have. I always will. Thank you for helping me see the good in people. It’s because of you, I am who I am.

Time’s up.

Don’t stop. Keep going.