My Plan to Share My Experiences

I’ve been working from home and online for the past 10, almost 11, years.

In that time I’ve had so many experiences that I’d love to share with the world. Ranging from personal achievements to financial goals to building massive communities.

I’m challenging myself to spend, at minimum, 5 minutes a day sharing some of those experiences going forward.

Once I get into a rhythm, I’ll likely revisit some of those experiences and go further into detail which will result in me creating an archive of everything.

My goal is simple.

Start here. Then go into detail. Then create videos/audio. And finally, share it with the world.

I’m currently using Todoist to write out my experiences in task form. So far I have over 43 different experiences I’d like to write about. I have no doubt this list will grow into well over 200 within the coming weeks.

Here we go.

I have 15 seconds left.

Let’s go!