My road to clarity

Since January 22nd I have completely revamped a big part of my life. I’m working out approx. 5-6 days a week, I’ve been waking up between 4 and 7 am almost every day, and my daily foods have changed to primarily chicken, rice, broccoli, eggs, fruit, nuts, and oatmeal, along with tons of water and […]

My workout schedule/routine

I’ve been constantly improving my working schedule over the last few months. Now I’ve got it down a pretty consistent system. On the weekends I’m working out until exhaustion for all muscle groups for 2 hours each day. Fridays I’m working out my back, Saturday I’m doing Shoulders, Sunday I’m working out legs, and Monday […]

How I handle debt

No credit cards. No business loans. No financing furniture. No borrowing of cash from friends or family. The only debt I have personally taken on is that of vehicles. Even then, I buy with the intention of being able to sell the vehicle for what I paid or more. I’m moving away from the idea […]


Over the last 4 years since I met my now wife, Joelle, I’ve been in a constant flow of change. To summarize, we’ve lived in 7 apartments in 4 states, lived in an RV in 31 states, owned 10 vehicles, built multiple businesses, and we now have a beautiful daughter, Emma. It’s intriguing how much […]