The pain is real

I’ve suffered from a serious muscle and joint pain for almost 15 years. Tonight I took the first real steps to fight against it. I went to see a doctor and she said I’m in great physical health but the pain is real. I have been prescribed Methylprednisolone. It’ll be interesting to see if this […]

I’m a married man!

Last year I proposed to Joelle. Yesterday we said our vows to one another. Today we’re one. Not much has changed given that I’ve already fully devoted myself to Joelle, but wow… it feels great to finally be able to say we’re husband and wife. We’ve had such an amazing journey these last 3 years, […]

East to west.

In my early days of learning how working remotely.. worked, I had this dream that one day I’d be able to travel the country, the world and experience new things that weren’t common where I grew up. It took me 5 years to truly grasp the concept of what my lifestyle allowed me to do. […]