East to west.

In my early days of learning how working remotely.. worked, I had this dream that one day I’d be able to travel the country, the world and experience new things that weren’t common where I grew up.

It took me 5 years to truly grasp the concept of what my lifestyle allowed me to do. In 2010, I thought I had to have a huge income to live my life the way I wanted. In 2011, I made that happen.. but I still wasn’t free. From 2012 to 2014 I moved into a big house in North Carolina, got an office at Regus and a townhouse in Virginia, along with lots of furniture and “stuff”.

Now, almost 3 years later, I’ve lived in 9 states, 17 cities and traveled from Virginia all the way across the country to California and just a bit North to Oregon. The change in my life has been drastic and it’s only continuing to change for the better. The world around me is no longer a small box but rather a massive open space.

Working remotely has given me this ability to travel.. It just took me 5 years to figure out how to use it.

I want to thank Jason Fried and DHH for all of their encouraging words inside of REWORK and REMOTE. They truly inspired and pushed me forward. I’m in Oregon, for the moment, but my next journey begins at the end of this year. I look forward to seeing where it takes me.

P.S. For those wondering how I was able to live in 9 states, 17 cities, I’ll explain. My fiance, Joelle, and I had bought a truck, RV, got rid of all of our stuff and packed up our motorcycle. We lived at resorts, campgrounds and had short visits with family (ranging from a week to a month). Now we have an apartment in Oregon, mainly because we want to get a feel for the North West during Spring and Summer. I look forward to continuing to share our experiences on www.fb.com/openroadchronicles