Shortcuts, Hotkeys, and Macros, Oh My

I have this affinity to improving my speed in almost everything that I do. Which leads to the subject of me automating processes on a computer.

For the last 8 years I’ve been working towards optimizing the time I spend on individual tasks, no matter how small. I originally started by replacing tasks I do by right clicking on my mouse.

For example, I would press Command + C to copy, Command + X to cut, Command + V to paste. Command + Z to undo, Command + Shift + Z to redo, and so on down the list.

I’d then speed up how I used browsers by opening tabs, windows, desktops, etc. using shortcuts.

Eventually this led me into learning about hotkeys and macros. With hotkeys I can press a combination of keys on my keyboard to automatically open programs.

More impressively, with heavy macro programs like MacroRecorder, I started automating entire processes. With a program like MacroRecorder (or JitBit like I used to use) I’m able to record my mouse, keyboard, and use image/text recognition to automate an entire list of things. This could range from copy and pasting from text documents to websites, to creating templates, duplicating things, running multiple programs at once using automation, etc.

In conclusion, automate everything. It’s worth the time investment to learn.

Time’s up.