Significant events in my lifetime

I’m going to be short here, but these are a few of the things I believe will happen in my lifetime (which would move forward quickly if there were some sort of war or epidemic).

Highly likely

  • We will move towards a one world currency, specifically in the direction of using a digital currency like a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ripple, 0x, etc.)
  • Our government ID’s will be accessible directly on our smartphones (or whatever device we may have).
  • Wallets will become obsolete, given online wallets, online ID’s, online gift cards, etc.
  • Artificial intelligence will replace a vast majority of all existing jobs (that exist in 2017), specifically all areas of driving. Some areas of retail, restaurants, and low skill jobs.
  • Humans will have to adapt to the constant change and in turn will become vastly smarter.. or if they can’t adapt, vastly less intelligent.
  • A majority of devices will charge and transfer data without cords.
  • Solar technology will dominate.
  • Chromebooks (or something similar that’s mostly cloud based) will take over the desktop/laptop industry.
  • On my own personal note, I’ll be married with 2+ children with residences around the world.


  • Referring to my “whatever device” listed above, smartphones in the way they are now will become obsolete and replaced with augmented reality
  • Glasses will be replaced with digital contact lenses that allow us to zoom in and out, similar to that of how a camera operates. In my experience I have bad vision, but looking at a screen, I can see far away objects easily. Think… Black Mirror in real life.
  • There will be a one world government. The easiest example of this in 2017 is viewing the grasps of companies like Google and Facebook. Given recent changes to Mark Zuckerberg’s public life, he may be at the forefront.
  • There will be a nuclear war.. I’m afraid, just as much as everyone else is on this statement. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to this.

Let’s see if any of these thoughts go anywhere.